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Our last question asked: According to NPR, you can now clone what for the mere price of $100,000? Why, Fido, of course (which obviously comes with a lot of moral grey areas).

Congratulations to Carrie Gray with the Columbia Business School for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to Dagmar EbaughJohn BordignonDavid DanielBrent BlackmonLiz SeegertHiram ReisnerJohn Wall (who adds "No offense to Iggy Pop"),Brian Smith (who shrugs "Why not, the cat has nine lives"), Mark PoepselJennifer Waters (who adds "repairing broken hearts of dog lovers [everywhere]. Can't help thinkng of Michael Keaton in 'Multiplicity'"), Cosmo Macero Jr. (who observes, "Sure, clone a dog for $100k but you still have to teach him the same tricks all over again"), Paul Boyd (who also notes "but he will still probably eat his own poop!"), Ranjeet Singh (who suggests "Inspired by the '6th Day', I guess"), Charlotte LoBuonoRachel Sentes (who laments "We already have so many dogs looking for homes- this is just selfish!"), Mark Gibbs (who snarks "it also apparently works for producing Republican presidential candidates"), Robin Soslow (who offers a similar perspective to Rachel Sentes, remarking, "You can clone your dog. Or for ~$100, adopt a non-cloned already living one from a shelter"), Brian Gallagher (who jokes that the price tag "in dog years" is "closer to a million"), Waterfield Designs (who concludes "OK, that's just creepy"), Margo Howard (who quips "Petrie dish extra"), Ashleigh Bones (who adds "It's a doggy, dog world...") and Hollywood Highlands for all getting it right, as well!

As for today's question, here it is: What is the terrifying new app being billed as the "Yelp for people" and what does it do?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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