Takes on a tragedy

"READ about Chris the hero in Oregon, not Chris the zero," challenges Daily Beast's Justin Miller, sharing his publication's call to forget Oregon’s gunman Chris Mercer and instead remember Chris Mintz, the hero who charged straight at him (at 39,000 shares so far and showing no sign of stopping). "On his son's sixth birthday, Army vet Chris Mintz charged at Oregon gunman, shot 7 times. He's been in surgery since," shares colleague Tim Mak. "I haven't had much to say about this in the last few days, but seriously. Go Dan Mintz," praises Science Friday's Brandon Echter. "Wow. This is a throwback, true-blue American. And notice he didn't combat gun violence with still MORE gun violence," points out freelance writer Joy Tipping. Not everyone was enthralled with the headline choice, of course. France 24's Philip Crowther, who took umbrage with the Daily Beast itself: "Ridiculous headline from @thedailybeast, who were among the first to publish a profile of the shooter."

Considering he was shot 7 times and had both his legs broken, Mintz understandably will be undergoing considerable physical therapy. Here's the GoFundMe to help with that.

This is never enjoyable for anyone, but let us attempt to tackle the takes. The Washington Post bleakly reminds us that in the past 274 days, there have been 294 mass shootings leaving hundreds dead. Alternatively, Kris Vire with Time Out Chicago suggests, "How about 294 disturbed individuals in the last 9 months alone?" Vox put out a handy chart on deaths from gun violence vs. deaths from terrorism (although Fortune's Robert Hackett wonders, "Do mass shooters not qualify as terrorists?"). Meanwhile, BuzzFeed offers a round-up on what the science actually says on gun violence. "Great piece on gun violence by Buzzfeed's @paldhous ... It's not as simple as knee-jerk left/right talking points," argues Maggie Koerth-Baker at Boing Boing.

But wait, we're far from done. Then Talking Points Memo discovered that the sheriff in charge of investigating the Oregon shooting also posted a Sandy Hook "truther video." Huh. "Does he believe stuff happens?" asks David Waldman from Congress Matters and Daily Kos. Journalists themselves came under fire for tweeting shooting witnesses for interviews (some did an okay job and some didn't), but Deadspin's Barry Petchesky came to their defense with the reminder that reporting is ugly stuff "and good reporting on hard stories can make you feel like shit." Roll Call's Eli Yokley calls it a "Great read on tragedy reporting by @barryap1. Talking to folks who are grieving is draining, sad but necessary."

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