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"It's official - @jack is back. Twitter founder Dorsey named permanent CEO," announces BBC's tech correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, tweeting out the official SEC filing as evidentiary support (and it's been shared at least 500 times so far). Cellan-Jones also adds, "What's extraordinary is that @jack is also staying on as CEO of his payments firm @square - two quite tough jobs." The official word from The Board, per a Peter Currie tweet: "The Board completed a comprehensive process to find the best leader for @twitter, and we were unanimous: @jack." Hope you've got your Jack-related puns handy, journos! Oh, and Adam Bain is now COO. "Appointments of @jack and @adambain took place last Wednesday, 9/30. Same day @dickc resigned from board," notices freelancer Jennifer Lee.

Also filed under "breaking," a Trans-Pacific partnership trade deal has been reached. "Obama & world leaders ratify largest regional trade deal in history--China is excluded," details Houston Chronicle's Dylan Baddour. Gulf correspondent Justin Vela calls it "Another win for Obama. But not in Syria." The frantic search for a cargo ship carrying 28 Americans that vanished during Hurricane Joaquin has led to the disquieting discovery of a "debris field." "So sad: Authorities believe a cargo ship missing since Thursday with 33 crewmen aboard was lost at sea," shares Rick Yarborough at NBC Washington. And then there's the fact that American Apparel filed for bankruptcy. "Another blow for porn-chic," observes InStyle's Eric Wilson, while New York Post's Tim Donnelly advises, "Stock up on slim slacks!"

Stopping by the political beat, NYT's Michael Barbaro takes a look at how Donald Trump mastered Twitter for 2016. "Great @mikiebarb piece on why the 'Wall of Trump' helps the 'Hemingway of 140 characters' dominate Twitter," praises colleague Matt Flegenheimer. Meanwhile, Carly Fiorina’s first (and failed) political campaign had a surprising problem: money. "This is just an incredibly damning story about Carly Fiorina refusing to pay people who worked on her Senate race," realizes Politico's Ben White. Then there's the news that New Hampshire governor Maggie Hassan has announced her candidacy for U.S. Senate. Amy Walter at Cook Political Report calls it a "Big get for DSCC." And while all that is happening, a flailing Jeb Bush is pondering leaning on big brother W. in South Carolina. It's "one of those 'lose the general to win the primary' conundrums," muses Washington Post's Philip Rucker.

And because last week's tragedy in Oregon is still very much on our minds: the Associated Press explores how some mass shootings grab headlines, but others go under the radar, while Mother Jones dives into the race to stop the next one. MJ's Monika Bauerlain explains, "We've been investigating mass shootings for 3 years. This is the first hopeful story to come out of that."

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