Monday media madness

Oct 05, 2015

Journalist Mayank Jain is the talk of media town today, after being detained and mistreated for 7 hours for simply covering a beef protest in New Delhi.  "What emboldens/empowers Delhi Police to detain a journalist for 7 hrs without reason? To threaten him with violence?" wonders former journo Rohin Dharmakumar. "Dismaying, appalling ... but we were warned. This is what Modi Sarkar was always going to be about," concludes freelance journalist Salil Tripathi. Meanwhile, The Intercept accuses CNN and the New York Times of deliberately obscuring who perpetrated the Afghan hospital attack. "Afghanistan story is, as @ggreenwald notes, not the first time that the NYT has engaged in 'missile tourism,'" points out freelancer Evan Hill. The NY Times hasn't responded to this jab, apparently too busy celebrating one million digital-only subscribers.

For some bizarre reason, this Russian TV channel decided it would be a good idea to broadcast weather forecasts for Syrian air raids -- as in, they called the timing of the "air operations" "well chosen" due to Syria’s favorable October climate. So there's that. And then you have The Guardian, which just launched phase II of its climate change campaign. "This is why we do have a hope in hell of tackling climate change," tweets science and environment editor James Randerson.

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