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Some late-breaking news from yesterday: former Reuters journalist Matthew Keys has been found guilty of hacking and faces 25 years (but will most likely serve less than 5). "People freaking out over the Matthew Keys sentence: 'could face up to 25 year'" is a complete red herring. He won't," argues Curt Woodward with the Boston Globe. "So @MatthewKeysLive did something dumb; we know that. But prison time for helping deface a web page? Come on now," protests First Look Media's Andy Carvin. As for Keys himself, he posted to Twitter, "That was bullshit."

In other news, meet the new vast right-wing conspirator who wants to take out both Clinton and Bush (in which you'll also learn that the Breitbarmotto is "honey badger don't give a shit"). Plus, Gannett is all set to buy Journal Media Group, parent company of the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal and other newspapers, for $280 million. And this comes as "Ink's barely dry on scripps deal," notices Karen Robinson-Jacobs with The Dallas Morning News. And over at the New York Times, they've outlined their strategy to double digital revenue. "Glad @nytimes is playing the long game.. Focus is on more $$$ from 'most loyal digital readers' not pageviews," comes the nod from Fortune's Jeff Roberts.

And now for the tech we promised: Uber believes they've traced their major data breach back to an internet address connected to a Lyft exec. "Yes, unconfirmed, but...holy crap @Lyft tried to hack @Uber!?!" tweets Aaron Task, also at Fortune.


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