Final reads for Friday

"What a news-free week... Obama admin ends $500M program to train and equip Syrian rebels," tweets Huffington Post's Jennifer Bendery, sharing the breaking news that's garnered 11,000+ shares so far. "Shockingly, 'train the rebels' has failed yet again. … Next time we’ll nail it!" Vox's David Roberts snarks. "I could have tried and failed to train the rebels for half the cost," points out Carmen Gentile with ABC News and USA Today. Meanwhile, ABC's Jon Williams shares, "US abandons #Syria rebel training program. But will 'teach enablers how to call in airstrikes'. What could go wrong?" What, indeed.

In other must-reads, yet another campus shooting hits the headline, leaving one killed, three injured and an 18-year-old suspect in custody at Northern Arizona University. Or, if you prefer, "Today in irresponsible gun owners," tweets freelance journalist Carlton Purvis. "As it's now routine, no one seems to have noticed there was a mass shooting in Flagstaff, Ariz this AM," argues freelancer Tyler Green. Plus, the Washington Post reports that police are withholding body camera videos, even despite vows of transparency. "Step one: Get cops to wear body cameras. Step two: Get them to share the video," is how WaPo's Philip Bump puts it. Who knew Step 2 even needed to be explicitly stated? Elsewhere in breaking news, Dow Jones just disclosed a rather sizable customer data breach -- and who broke that news? NYT's Mike Isaac muses, "it must be hard to report on your own company's hacking." That's right -- good on ya, Wall Street Journal. Drew Fitzgerald there reacts, "Yet another consumer data breach--this time targeting ... erm..."

And in Nobel news, the National Dialogue Quartet in Tunisia won the Peace Prize. "Nobel Peace prize goes to what survived the Arab Spring," is how Asaf Ronel of Haaretz bills it. "Weird consensus choice or the least contentious?" wonders TIME contributor Vivienne Walt. And while we're talking "contentious" in connection with Nobels, this potential laureate and famous Berkeley astronomer allegedly violated sexual harassment policies over many years. Journalist Rose Eveleth responds, "Women reading this story: Yep this sounds familiar. Men reading this story: WHAT!!?!?! Outrage!!" Yep, pretty much.

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