All things topical this Tuesday

"Playboy to drop nude photos. What's next--music without records?wonders NYT's Noam Scheiber of Playboy's decision to stop publishing naked images of women by next year (news that's earned 36,000+ shares). But as colleague Richard Pérez-Peña points out, "What's the point of nudie mag in era of ubiquitous porn and fading print? None, apparently." Still, this bombshell is a bit much to wrap one's head around. "I feel like this news that @Playboy is going to stop showing naked women is some kind of rickroll?" warily tweets Jessica Bennett of "Now you'll HAVE to read it for the articles," Politico's Timothy Noah reminds everyone.

Apparently Jack Dorsey's first big act back as CEO will be to purge 336 of Twitter's workers by laying off 8% of employees. "The way that Twitter did its layoffs is likely every tech knowledge worker's nightmare. Utterly lacking in humanity," criticizes Mashable's Heidi Moore. Helpfully, Quartz published Dorsey's supposed "jargon-free firing memo" but this time actually edited to remove the jargon. Elsewhere in outrage, rapper T.I. says he can't vote for a woman president because "women make rash decisions." Evidently rappers make rash decisions, too, because verbalizing this opinion was far from a good idea. "T.I. is hardly the only person foolish enough to think this, just the only one foolish enough to say it aloud," argues Washington City Paper's Jenny Rogers. Also, we can't leave out this Guardian news item that a New York woman is suing her 11-year-old nephew over an exuberant hug that broke her wrist. "Wow, a new worst person in the world," muses PandoDaily's Adam Penenberg. "This kind of obvious insurance scam belongs in a Carl Hiaasen novel, not real life," observes Guardian's Peter Bradshaw.

To update one of yesterday's top stories, Steve Sarkisian has in fact been terminated as USC football coach. "Here's hoping he gets the help he needs," reflects Kimberly Hunt at 10 News San Diego. Abroad, fighters have made inroads in the battle against the Taliban, which would be superb news, except the fighters are the Afghan branch of ISIS. "Here is our story on one village in Nangarhar gutted by ISIS. Malaika is one of only three women who stayed behind," details author Mujib Mashal. "As Afghan ISIS advances, they are alarming even Taliban with their brutality. Another great, sad piece from @MujMash," reacts Guardian Afghanistan correspondent Emma Graham-Harrison. Lastly, the latest inquiry into Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 indicates the plane was most likely hit by a Russian-made missile. "For all its efforts to deflect, Russia faces hard evidence on the cause #MH17 crash," notes NYT's Steven Lee Myers.

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