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Our last question asked: Eater has just reported that several of New York's finest restaurants will be eliminating what? (And is the move a good or bad idea, in your opinion?) That would be tipping. Some of you also weighed in, which you'll see below.

Congratulations to Anita Ferrer with Atlantic Media Strategies for being the very first to get that right! Honorable mentions go out to Lucia A. WalinchusThomas Feyer, Buck BoraskyCraig PittmanMaureen MacGregorJessica M. PaskoLiz Seegert (who adds "raising pay & not relying on customer whims. TBD good idea. What abt back kit staff?"), Jane Wardell (who responds, "Welcome to Australia Manhattanites, where wages fair & tips reward good service"), Waterfield DesignsBrian Smith (who adds "ike the idea. Weight of good service and a stiff on restaurant not server"), John Wall (who reflects "Probably a good idea, since it eliminates the capriciousness of risk/reward dynamic"), Tiffany R. Jansen (who likes it because "I can finally go out to dinner without my calculator"), Carrie GrayRachel Sentes (who reacts "It is a valiant effort for minimum wage but it won't work"), Eve Byron (who quips "It must have reached the 'tipping' point"), Hiram Reisner (who calls it "a good idea"), Heather Gilmore (who predicts "but it just makes the meal more expensive the staff don't get higher wages"), Cindi Lash (who notes "as per trend made popular here in #Pittsburgh by @BarMarcoPGH"), Hollywood Highlands (who also judges it a "false excuse for raising menu prices!"), Mark Gibbs (who reacts "Good as long as wages increase. The practice will soon be reserved for cows only"), Hollywood Highlands (who wonders "What's penalty for indulging in forbidden tipping? Forced to eat what you left on the plate?"), Margo HowardClaudine LaforceAlan Blaustein and Kate Morrissey for all answering correctly, as well.

As for today's question, here it is: Vanity Fair has just uncovered the true identity behind which beloved meme?

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