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"Can you spell schadenfreude?tweets Nicholas Dawes with the Hindustan Times, in reaction to German publication Der Spiegel's discovery that the decision to bring the 2006 World Cup to Germany was likely bought by bribes (news just broken but already at 2,300 shares so far). "Huge scoop in Der Spiegel and a fine corrective to those who believe Europe is the clean bit of Fifa," points out Ian Prior with The Guardian and The Observer. "How much more FIFA corruption can we take?" wonders Leanna Byrne with the Sunday Business Post. "Pretty crazy that you can buy the World Cup for roughly the cost of one season of [baseball player] Jonathon Niese," muses VICE's Jorge Arangure. Crazy, indeed.

In other scandals only just beginning to brew, Goldman Sachs is said to have dismissed 20 analysts for cheating on their internal training tests. "Setting tone from top that going rogue won't be tolerated. Regulators must be pleased by this $GS move," theorizes CNBC's Kayla Tausche. Checking in on yesterday's controversy du jour, WSJ's John Carreyrou has an update that the hot startup Theranos dialed back its lab tests at the FDA's behest. "It seems they might need to the revise that '0 regulatory issues' figure," notices Eric Markowitz at the International Business Times. And Australia's government is under scrutiny from The Guardian for secretly flying a pregnant refugee back to the detention center where she reportedly was raped, seemingly to escape a court injunction. "Boundless cruelty to share," political cartoonist Jon Kudelka prefaces his tweeting of this article.

And media-related mêlées, WaPo's Dana Milbank takes Obama to task for his baffling passivity on Jason Rezaian. "Iranian kangaroo court convicts @washingtonpost Tehran bureau chief and Obama says...nothing," Milbank tweets. Oh, and The Washington Free Beacon wants to make it clear that when their digital managing editor gave more than $500 to Donald Trump's presidential campaign, it was actually just to purchase Trump merchandise for staff. "The @FreeBeacon's troll game is at 100 right now," concludes Boston Magazine's Garrett Quinn

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