Hubbubs in the headlines

"It's like watching two roommates post a bunch of passive aggressive notes on the fridge," realizes TechInsider's Steve Kovach, discussing Jay Carney's somewhat delayed response on Medium (at 6,700+ shares right now) to the blistering New York Times exposé on Amazon's work culture, which in turn earned a response on Medium from NYT's Dean Baquet (at 1,400 shares so far). "Wow. The NYT, who is, you know…a publisher — refutes on Medium, the Amazon response on Medium," points out John Lilly. Yup, pretty much. So Amazon alleges that the Times left out critical context about some of its primary sources for the story. "You can call the Amazon piece spin control, but shouldn't the NYT have mentioned a source being sued for fraud?" wonders Fortune's Mathew Ingram. "Once again, the New York Times provides another stellar example of journalistic integrity. Rolling Stone Award!" declares The Daily Caller's Bill Frezza. Others were decidedly #TeamNYT, however: "Amazon, defending its gentle corporate culture, goes after named midlevel employees quoted criticizing,"

And then, Jay Carney responded. Again. Daniel Bentley with Fortune begs, "make it stop make it stop." A great day for Medium, to be sure. Sam Biddle reacts, "Carney has now written TWO full posts about the critical Amazon story without denying any of its allegations."

In other reply-alls, WaPo's Greg Miller responds to NYT's Jonathan Mahler, "What do we know about Osama bin Laden’s death? Quite a lot, actually." Then there's the background on how Chicago police "disappeared" 7,000 people. "Stunning reporting and jaw-dropping story from @attackerman," praises The Guardian's Katharine Viner. It's also the anniversary of Black Monday, so Bloomberg News is letting you "put the efficient market hypothesis to the test and see if you can beat the market in historical stock market scenarios." And then there was the time Donald Trump bought a football team ... "FWIW, this is the article I was reporting when @realDonaldTrump called me a dishonest reporter and a real creep," shares author Ben Terris.


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