Ledes to read and headlines to heed

"How diverse is Buzzfeed in 2015? Props to @peretti for transparency on an important issue," reacts Laura J. Nelson with the LA Times, sharing BuzzFeed PR's roundup of numbers. "Every media company should publish its diversity numbers. They could only hope to do as well as @BuzzFeed is doing," observes Jamil Smith at The New Republic. "Crazy that it's easier to find data on @BuzzFeed employee diversity than #pubmedia," points out Tyler Falk at Current.org. "(I don't see Blindians in the mix yet, should totally fix that," pointedly tweets Tauhid Chappell from ABC 10 Sacramento.

Speaking of the Buzz, this is their report on the man in India who is selling states illegally imported execution drugs. "Go ahead and keep laughing at the cat pictures you think Buzzfeed is all about now," McClatchy's Damon Kiesow dares the rest of us. In other scandals, former Louisville Cardinals basketball players and recruits are acknowledging stripper parties and prostitutes were used to lure in new prospects, although MSNBC's David Schoetz shrugs, "Louisville recruit story well-reported but not some shocking surprise." In a big shift, the American Cancer Society is recommending fewer mammagrams. Journalist Charles C. Mann calls it "A big change: 10 yrs ago, as I can personally attest, ACS was pillorying ppl who questioned mammogram frequency."

In politics, Jim Webb just dropped out of Democratic race. "As in the #SNL parody, @JimWebbUSA will say: 'Pass' - this time it's to the Democratic primary race," tweets Boston Herald's Kimberly Atkins. Meanwhile, Joe Biden hasn't declared his candidacy yet, but he is announcing he didn’t oppose the raid that killed bin Laden, after all. "OBL will be a central fault line in a Hillary-Biden race," predicts New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman. And hey, remember the "clock kid." Ahmed Mohamed? He and his family are moving to Qatar, which they say is "like Texas," which we're sure is true. That announcement comes less than 24 hours after meeting with the president, too.

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