Friday round-up of reads

"Hurricane Patricia intensified as if the storm were a match thrown onto a pool full of gasoline," writes Mashable's science editor Andrew Freedman, aptly describing the strongest hurricane ever seen that's headed Mexico's way (that link alone is at 7,000+ shares already, and there are plenty of other harrowing Patricia posts). "Strongest hurricane on record. El-Nino fuelled Patricia hits Mexico today. Could be catastrophic," summarizes CTV meteorologist David Spence. "Hurricane Patricia not only strongest ever, it's massive. Huge portion of Mexico is going to be impacted," notes Westwood One's Steve Kastenbaum. Timothy Kama at The Hill reacts, "About that 10-year pause in major hurricanes ..." But perhaps the most poignant reaction to Patricia comes from Eric Roston with Bloomberg News, who simply tweets exactly this: "Holy f~cking sh1t!"

In other morning reads, three people were shot at Tennessee State University in Nashville. "Reset your 'days since last mass shooting' clock to 0," tweets Jeb Lund. In the meantime, Arizona and Texas were  both caught illegally purchasing execution drugs from overseas, but the FDA shut that ish down. "Oh my: Texas & Arizona broke the law to get drugs to execute people," realizes David Beard from And in foreign affairs, here's a look inside the fraying U.S.-Israel ties as well as an Independent investigation into the UK doing China's bidding after police raided the home of a Tiananmen Square victim. Indy's Matthew Moore calls it "Astonishing. Met Police raid UK home and seize laptop from Tiananmen survivor who peacefully protested against Xi."

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