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Oct 23, 2015

Former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee announced today he is withdrawing from the 2016 Democratic Presidential race, and of course, that declaration was rife with Chafee-esque moments. "Aw man. Announcer mispronounces Chafee's name, as he arrives on stage to drop out of presidential," notices NBC's Alexandra Jaffe. "Asked why now, @LincolnChafee said simply: @HillaryClinton had a good week," shares Mike Memoli from the LA Times. "'I would like to end my campaign by saying one more really weird thing'," skewers American Spectator's John Tabin.

Checking in on the Republican tussle, the Des Moines Register's latest Iowa poll indicates that Ben Carson has surged to a 9-point lead whereas Donald Trump slid somewhat. "Any wiggle room for a shake-up in GOP horse race in Iowa? Tons. Just 22% mind made up. 78% could pick new favorite," points out the Register's Jennifer Jacobs. Just in time for Ben Carson to begin his first TV ads in key states, while more bad news comes for Trump in the form of a pro-Trump super PAC shutting down amid questions about ties to his campaign. "If you don't think journalism matters, you should ask Donald Trump's super PAC," advises Washington Post's Chris Cillizza. Simultaneously, conservative PACs are turning attacks on GOP leaders into a fund-raising tool as former president George W. Bush prepares to limit his testimony before the 9/11 panel. WaPo's David Weigel remarks, "I’m glad this long public grilling of Hillary is going on, but am still gonna leave this here."

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