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Oct 23, 2015

Our last question asked: Cosmopolitan's Jazmine Hughes did what for a week to get over her "imposter syndrome?" She dressed like "Cookie" from the show Empire.

Okay, so a lot of you speed-read the headline for Hughes' piece, which led to some hilarious, sort-of-wrong-yet-sort-of-right responses! Congratulations to Lucia A. Walinchus (who first answered that Hughes dressed like "a cookie" before quickly course-correcting -- nice job!) for being the very first to answer. Honorable mentions go out to Craig Pittman (who also first answered "a cookie" before correcting -- and also noting she did not dress like "Cookie Monster," either), Waterfield Designs (we're giving you credit, because we know what you meant, even though you wondered, "Chocolate chip? Oatmeal raisin? Snickerdoodle?"), Talisha Holmes (who got it right the first time, but sorry, Talisha, you didn't beat Craig this time!), Hollywood Highlands and Mark Gibbs (who adds, "do you have 'impostor syndrome'? Ask your doctor if playing dress-up is right for you") for mostly getting that right, as well! If you went with the baked good as your answer, we knew where your heart was, anyway.

As for today's question, here it is: Two major recording artists just dropped new music videos in the past 12 hours. Name one (or both!) and one noteworthy detail about their respective video.

Click here to submit your answers to @MuckRack. IMPORTANT: If you choose not to click that link, please include the word "answer" in your tweet so we can find it (the link will automatically do so for you)! 

... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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