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"I love you, SXSW, but allowing kooks to kill a panel seems like a terrible [precedent]," observes Fast Company's Harry McCracken, sharing the news that BuzzFeed will withdraw from the annual conference (at 5,700+ shares right now) if SXSW doesn't reverse its Monday decision canceling two panels on gaming and online harassment (thanks to threats of “on-site violence"). "Actually, it's about ethics in video games journalism. (But, in this case, for real)," points out BuzzFeed's Ivor Tossell. "Another instance of me being very proud of where I work," crows colleague Hayes Brown. "Thank you, Buzzfeed," praises The Atlantic's Robinson Meyer. "Boy, SXSW is stuck between a rock and a hard place here," observes Alex Fitzpatrick at TIME. Stay tuned to see how the festival responds.

According to a Times/CBS News poll, Ben Carson has edged ahead nationally in American popularity. "That debris flying past my window must be shards of @Reince's head exploding as @BenCarson2016 takes national lead," muses Tim Mullaney from MarketWatch and The Street. Another presidential hopeful, Carly Fiorina, apparently is available for paid speeches. "So much for future Hillary-Gave-Paid-Speeches attack," predicts WaPo's Philip Rucker. Also so much for privacy, as Fiorina's solicitations allegedly were supposed to be "private notes." One more political note: here's how well seven presidential candidates did as governor.

Weaving together politics with media, NYT's Maureen Dowd defends her accuracy in her column on Joe Biden and his deathbed conversation with his son. "Claims that @nytimesdowd made up a death-bed moment between father and son Biden simply aren't true," ombudsman Margaret Sullivan goes to bat for her colleague. Also on the media beat, CNN's Brian Stelter goes behind the gut-wrenching scenes of that fateful day that changed WDBJ. "Ever read something so good you wish you wrote it? @brianstelter on the WDBJ shooting is one of those stories," marvels CNNMoney's Frank Pallotta. Also, TIME is out with its annual list of most influential teens, and it includes freelance journalist William Turton. "The kid @WilliamTurton is special. Expect him to beat you to scoops for years to come," promises Micah Singleton at The Verge.

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