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Oct 28, 2015

"Greenland will be green again. That is very bad news. Superb @nytimes presentation of vital topic," tweets The Guardian's Dan Gillmor, sharing a brilliant New York Times interactive demonstrating how Greenland is melting away (at a whopping 66,000+ shares so far). Freelance data reporter Nolan Hicks calls it an "Important (and gorgeous) story about scientists risking their lives on the ice to better understand climate change." Lisa Tozzi with BuzzFeed adds to the praise, "This is very cool and also giving me motion sickness. But mostly cool." NYT's Coral Davenport brings us back to earth, however, with the point of all this: "Why should you care how fast Greenland is melting? Because it will affect coastlines from NY to Bangladesh." Jim Tankersley with the Washington Post notes, "27 degrees, sleeping with bottles of urine, icy death just one misstep away. Sure doesn't sound like faked science."

Checking in on yesterday's threat from BuzzFeed to withdraw from SXSW over the canceled gaming panels, Vox Media and The Verge have also vowed not to attend unless the conference takes harassment seriously. "Kudos to @voxmediainc and @verge for joining @BuzzFeed in taking a stand against harassment and @sxsw’s cowardice," comes the nod from Aaron Weiss at E.W. Scripps. So now in a potentially utter reversal of position, SXSW is considering holding an all-day online abuse forum instead. The Awl's Matt Buchanan muses, "what's important here is that at the end of the day, no brands were harmed."

The NY Times is also reporting that the death of Edinson Volquez's father was withheld from the Royals starter until after he had taken the mound for Game 1 of the World Series. "Wow. Tens of millions of people knew before he did. Surreal," reacts Chicago Tribune's Charles Johnson. "Can you imagine... he probably would've called his dad to share this moment, a boyhood dream," guesses Fox Chicago's Joanie Lum. But, wait. ESPN reports the opposite -- that a source insists Volquez learned of his father's death shortly before the game's start. "ESPN still has story up stating Volquez was told on way to stadium," Star Tribune's Casey Common notices. In other major stories, China's steel chief warns industry demand is evaporating at an unprecedented speed. "China's steel industry is in full collapse mode. You think this economy is growing at 6.5%??" incredulously tweets Noah Smith with Bloomberg View. And FDA inspectors are straight-up calling Theranos' blood vial an "uncleared medical device," which should be problematic for the start-up, to say the least. "In wake of FDA inspection, @theranos removed from its website a picture of @eholmes2003 holding up a nanotainer," points out story author and general sleuth WSJ's John Carreyrou.

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