Haunted headlines (and beyond)

Oct 30, 2015

"Welcome to America's most extreme haunted house. There's no safe word and no one has made it thru the 8 hr tour," invites Mae Ryan at the Guardian US, ushering us inside the real life kingdom of masochists (at 400+ shares so far, but that number is sure to climb). "@MaeRyan & @rorycarroll72 suffered for their journalism: they were locked in a giant rat cage during the reporting," explains colleague Jessica Reed, who adds, "Honestly the scariest piece I edited this year: the real life torture manor where guests go to suffer & break down." "When torture porn movies aren't enough, try it yourself! No safe words, pay in dog food. This is brilliant and NUTS," reacts Saturday Guardian's Archie Bland. "Found out about this place a few weeks ago and was DEEPLY disturbed. What kind of person makes this, or works here?" demands Jess Zimmerman. And then there was the response from Aidan John Moffat, which was: "WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!"

Now on to things that are scary in reality: VICE News is currently locked in a battle with Canadian police over their right to protect their journalist's material. "@rcmpgrcpolice is trying to force me to turn over info on my IS source. We said no. Now we're going to court," tweets Ben Makuch there. Meanwhile, the U.S. readies the deployment of special operations forces in Syria to help battle ISIS -- a.k.a., "boots on the ground." Remember when we weren't going to do that? "The move will be described as a 'shift' but not a 'change' in U.S. strategy against ISIS, the official added," details National Journal's Clare Foran. Oh, well, when you put it that way. At the same time, Guantànamo Bay releases releases Shaker Aamer. "Beaten by jailers and not tried for anything in 14 years," points out Guardian's Shaun Walker. Also at the Guardian, George Monbiot reminds us, "Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away?"

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