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Nov 03, 2015

"Conclusive proof that people are the worst," determines TechRadar's Kate Solomon, after Twitter announced the nixing of stars called "favorites" and replacing them with hearts called "likes" (at 13,000+ hate-shares right now), which seems oddly familiar for some reason. "So much innovation in tech," Dare Obasanjo sarcastically tweets. "Does Twitter think we're all first graders?" wonders TIME's Alex Fitzpatrick. "Don't tell me how many things can be my favorite, Twitter," barks Guardian's Jess Zimmerman. And freelancer Jim McMillan foresees another issue with it: "Not sure how I feel about Twitter retroactively switching all faves to likes." Yeah, we can see where that might go awry.

In other news gone viral, Tracy Alloway bought some physical crude oil in order to execute a contango trade. "This is my favorite thing. @tracyalloway shows why my zombie-apocalypse game plan to stockpile oil is dumb," reacts Bloomberg's Alexandra Skaggs. Meanwhile, death rates mysteriously rise for middle-aged white Americans. "Stunning rise in white male middle age deaths from alcohol, drugs, suicide. 0.5M+ deaths," elaborates The New Yorker's Atul Gawande. "The U.S., two decades after NAFTA, is literally killing white working class people," tweets The Atlantic's Daniel Denvir. In developing stories, the Titans have relieved Ken Whisenhunt of head coaching duties. Oh, and while we're talking viral, here's the Washington Post's look at "Zola," the epic Twitter story too crazy to be real.

Let's get political for a second, shall we? In today's noteworthy passings, Ahmad Chalabi -- the Iraqi politician who helped persuade the U.S. to invade his country -- has died. "Chalabi is dead. Waiting for a smart & unsparing @borzou retrospective heave," admits NYT's C.J. Chivers. Simultaneously, the Trump campaign is attempting to negotiate directly with TV networks on debate formats. "TRUMP’S GOIN’ ROGUE," tweets WaPo's David Weigel. And newly anointed speaker Paul Ryan has already set to work to "detoxify" Boehner’s "smoky suite." Michael Tackett explains, "John Boehner may have cleaned out the barn, but Paul Ryan will need to get the smell out of the office."

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