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Nov 04, 2015

Today's top trending story serves as a "reminder of how terrifying Manhattan can be if you don't speak a word of English and are all alone," tweets Fortune's Daniel Roberts of the news that a missing Italian marathoner has been found on the New York Subway, still in his running gear (at 13,000+ relieved shares so far). "CRAZY story about Marathoner who got lost on the NYC subway. Recognized after 2 days by cop reading the newspaper," details freelance journalist Karen Weintraub. "The Daily News gets results!" points out Alyssa Katz there. A surprisingly popular detail involves the fact that the officer who spotted him bought him a white-glazed donut and a coffee. "Why do I always want to weep when cops buy junk food for the ppl they're rescuing," wonders Tech Insider's Molly Mulshine. "Sad little tale, happy ending, good cop," summarizes Chicago Tribune's Michael Lev.

Seeing as we're on the subject of New York, check out this piece on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s "hired guns" and the private consultants who help shape City Hall. New York Times contributor Clyde Haberman calls it "a terrific look at deB's use of consultants, a practice he deplores in other pols." Simultaneously, DNA Info makes the case that DiBlasio's open government record would get a D under his own grading system while Josh Robin reminds the mayor that the press is not his enemy. "Hadn't realized de Blasio had gone w/ an on-topic only policy. Appalling & good on @joshrobin for calling him out," responds Daily Beast's David Freedlander.

Abroad, China is burning much more coal than originally reported, which is complicating climate talks, to say the least. "China corrects coal consumption data; the correction is so giant, it equals 70 percent of US consumption. Wow," reacts NYT's Eric Lipton. On that note, news broke recently that the leaders of China and Taiwan will meet for the first time since 1949. "Means a lot to my parents, from Kinmen," shares freelancer Jennifer Lee. Elsewhere abroad, an unseen battle over the world's most valuable trees is being waged deep in the Amazon and a backlash against the U.S. in Iran seems to gather force after the nuclear deal. "The reporter's own anxiety is palpable in this article," realizes independent journalist Hunter Stuart.

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