Political pointers for the day

"Bush 41 breaks public silence on son’s team, telling @jmeacham that Cheney was 'hard-line' and Rumsfeld 'arrogant,'" explains Peter Baker with the New York Times, summarizing in one tweet his own post on how the elder Bush says his son was served badly by aides (at 20,000+ shares already right now).  Or as Fox LA's Dorothy Lucey puts it, "Daddy Bush unloads." Something else caught journalists' attention, too: "In which we discover that Bush 41's favorite adjective is "iron-ass." (Great piece by @peterbakernyt)," reacts Julia Ioffe from New York Times Magazine. "I don't understand the appeal, but somehow 'iron-ass' is the perfect George H.W. Bush swear," similarly notes TNR's Brian Beutler. "If #ironass isn't trending by mid day I'll be shocked," predicts Rick Folbaum at CBS Miami. "Bush 41, Bush 43, Cheney, Rumsfeld, disharmony, dysfunction. I'm sure Jeb is loving this @peterbakernyt piece today," muses freelance journalist and columnist Jill Lawrence. "If @JebBush had been as open & thoughtful abt 43 as 41 was for this book, his campaign might not be on life support," reflects Ron Fournier of the National Journal.

But perhaps we should not be so quick to jump to such conclusions, because here's Jeb Bush opening up about his daughter's drug addiction: "She went through hell," he tells the Huffington Post. It's "Jeb Bush like you've never seen him before," marvels HuffPo's Cristian Farias. In other headlining candidates, CNN is hot on the trail of a tale of two Ben Carsons. "Nine friends who grew up with @RealBenCarson have no memory of the violence he describes," explains Jeremy Diamond there. Simultaneously, WaPo's Carlos Lozada explores another version of Ben Carson, the humblebragging instrument of God. "In his books, Ben Carson combines two faiths--in his medical skills, and in God's constant intervention in his life," Lozada elaborates. Plus you can read that while you listen to Carson's new rap ad aimed at African-American voters. This is how Philip Bump envisions how that brainstorming conversation went: "CARSON CAMPAIGN: how can we appeal to urban youth SUBURBAN MIDDLE SCHOOL PRINCIPAL: leave this to me."

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