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"For climate change denialists, this is going be like learning there's no Santa Claus," predicts National Post's Jonathan Kay, after learning that Exxon Mobil is under investigation in New York over their climate statements (at 31,000+ shares right now). New York's attorney general has issued a subpoena to Exxon to determine whether it lied to the public about the risks of climate change. "Whoa. Hold on to your butts, Exxon," Slate's Eric Holthaus reacts. "Is Big Oil the next Big Tobacco?" wonders Josh Greenman with the New York Daily News. On the other hand, journalist Jared Anderson argues, "Tobacco company analogy seems hard to prove & stranded asset concept does not yet apply to transport fuel." Meanwhile, Politico's Scott Waldman highlights a completely separate issue: "Whoops, @nytimes forgot to mention @insideclimate and @latimes broke incredible Exxon story [weeks] ago. Not even a link." Yeah, what about that, Times?

Jobs, jobs, jobs! Yes, it's that time again. Payrolls in the U.S. climbed the highest yet this year. "Employment snapped back with a vengeance in October, wage growth accelerated and the jobless rate fell to 5%," summarizes Bloomberg's Michael Bender. In a burst of hiring, the U.S. added 271,000 jobs in October as as eyes turn to the Fed for the possibility of interest-rate increases in December. Care of the Wall Street Journal, of course, here's everything you need to know about the jobs report. "We're live-blogging the jobs report. Come on in, the water's fine," entreats Paul Vigna there. Check out the handy gif here for the main details!

So it turns out that Wal-Mart heir's widow is $27 billion poorer than we all thought. Okay, "poorer" is a subjective term in this instance. "Down to her last $5 billion!" quips Peter Hoskins at Bloomberg TV. And yesterday's revelations from Papa Bush on his son's presidency have turned out to be pretty awkward for bro Jeb. "This is truly a lede to rule all ledes," crows Fergus Hunter with the Sydney Morning Herald (and you know it's a damn good political lede when they're enjoying it all the way over in Australia). In tech, Square has set its IPO price range with a valuation that would be lower than in its last private round, while in media, the New York Times fields new questions on its blockbuster nail salon investigation from months ago. "Though admirable, NYT nail salon probe 'went too far in generalizing' about entire industry," Poynter's Ben Mullin summarizes the stance from public editor Margaret Sullivan. And abroad, Russian president Vladimir Putin has suspended Russian flights to Egypt due to security fears while Chile just admitted Pablo Neruda might have been murdered by its Pinochet regime. "We can add Pablo Neruda to list those killed by Pinochet’s regime. It was previously believed he died of cancer," points out Talking Points Memo's Caitlin Cruz.

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