The Missouri media fallout

"Pendulum swings too far the other way. Unbelievable for world's 1st J-school," remarks Foreign Policy's Lara Jakes of the divide over "respect" and "rights" as University of Missouri activists blocked journalists from covering aspects of their protest (at roughly 25,000+ shares right now). In the strangest twist of irony, one of the professors calling for "muscle" to block news photography is one Melissa Click, who appears to be a communications professor. "This is the best journalism school? Another reason to live large and get an English major instead," concludes Salvador Rizzo with the Bergen Record. "You wanted to be in the public's eye. Now you got it," freelance journalist John Stoehr points out to protesters. "You can see why pres candidates attack the press. Suspicion of journalists is widespread, including on the left," surmises Kate Taylor with the New York Times. "My admiration for Tim Tai @nonorganical & Mark @Schierbecker, courageous & persistent photographers at U of Missouri," praises NYT's Steven Greenhouse.

In the meantime, CJR's Jonathan Peters dissects exactly why journalists have the right to cover the protests. "Seems like I'm spending more and more time lately being stunned at the lack of respect for the First Amendment," reflects Beth Kassab at the Orlando Sentinel. Which leads New York Magazine's Jonathan Chait to ask, "Can We Take Political Correctness Seriously Now?" and The Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf to take apart the weaponization of safe space. "Hey Snowflakes. When you lose the Atlantic you'd better check in with Mommy cause she's all you got left," snarks The Daily Caller's Bill Frezza. In the end, the school dean commented on the student coverage of the quad protest while MU journalism faculty weighed whether to remove Click's courtesy appointment. "Proud of my alma mater today," reacts Nigel Duara at the LA Times.

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