Nov 11, 2015

"And the Republican debate winner is... the British guy @gerardtbaker," shares Wall Street Journal's John Crowley, reading the headline from a BBC News post on American viewers' obsession with WSJ EIC-turned-moderator Gerard Baker (1,000+ shares so far). "'So who won the debate?' 'The guy with no hair.' 'Donald Trump?' 'No, the British guy,'" is how BBC's James Morgan imagines most conversations going. We also really have to hand it to the editor for refusing to go to commercial when he wasn't done asking a question. As for how Baker is taking all the attention, he tweets: "I'd like to thank my spiritual adviser, my agent and..You like me! You really like me!"

As for the remainder of the debate, here are the Washington Post live updates as well as WSJ's live blog. Ted Cruz had a Rick Perry moment. The Politico Wrongometer went wild. "Isn't this [something] the Fox Business crew should know well enough to correct at the debate?" wonders journalist Jay Rosen. Donald Trump had some doozies. Rand Paul struggled with facts on which states have the highest income inequality, and Rubio tossed out some inaccurate factoids on incomes. "Update for Sen Rubio: It turns out that philosophers earn almost twice as much as welders ... Plato has last laugh," quips Nicholas Kristof from the New York Times.

Elsewhere in political calamity, evidently British prime minister David Cameron hasn’t the faintest idea how deep his cuts go and this letter proves it. David Schneider summarizes it thusly: "Cameron: 'These cuts are appalling! They're a disgrace! Who caused them?' Council: 'Er, you did…'" Also, this Veterans Day USA Today saw fit to spotlight how Department of Veterans Affairs is doling out $142 million in bonuses despite its scandal-ridden current state. "VA doc called the 'Candy Man' manages to get performance bonus. Seriously? See how it happened here," entreats Ray Locker there. And checking in on the Mizzou story, Terrell Starr offers up a good case for why the protesters didn’t want the media around. "This is a really interesting piece. Don't agree with all of it. But an important read for journos," concedes Marketplace's Lizzie O'Leary.

And beyond politics, there's three more stories we'd like to point you toward: Safeway and Theranos have split after their $350 million deal fizzled. "Theranos meltdown gets crazier. Safeway deal scuttled after inaccurate test implies that an exec has prostate cancer," explains WSJ's Robbie Whelan. "Definitely don't think this is the end of Theranos drama," predicts Emily Mullin with Forbes. In New York, the state attorney general tells daily fantasy sports to stop taking bets while in LA Disney's CEO agrees to leada stadium project for the Raiders and Chargers. "I'm no sports person but from what I understand, both Oakland and San Diego teams won't play in either SD or Oakland," muses Sun Media's Julia Alexander. Well, obviously, because LA needs two of everything or none at all.

Also, this just in from The Intercept: a massive hack of 70 million prisoner phone calls indicates violations of attorney-client privilege. "Presumably some of those leaked recored calls between prisoners & lawyers reveal IDs of informants. Dangerous stuff," responds Matt Blaze.

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