Paris, nous sommes avec vous

"How the terrible night unfolded in Paris," shares Wall Street Journal's Gabriella Stern, linking to WSJ's look behind François Hollande’s snap decision not to evacuate the Stade de France (at 3,000+ shares right now). "Good call by Hollande in Stade de France," decides Telegraph's Iain Martin. "If you run a nation of a sports team (or both) you may want to read this," encourages Sara Germano, also at the Journal. "World class reporting and story telling from WSJ delivers a tick tick of the horrifying night in Paris," praises Business Insider's Jay Yarow. Very much relatedly, here's the heart-breaking story of the French soccer star defying the Islamic State. "Tragedy and irony behind French midfielder Lassana Diarra's reemergence in the Paris spotlight before 75,000 fans," journalist John Heilprin bills it.

Before we start dissecting all the facets of Friday's tragedy, here's a quick look at the facts and what we know so far, care of CNN.

France wasted no time fighting back with airstrikes against Isis in Syria, while a Belgian jihadi reportedly was identified as the attack's mastermind. Simultaneously, however, Olivier Roy makes the argument that the attacks in Paris only serve to highlight the strategic limits of ISIS. "Another smart piece--terrorism not war, but media strategy," reacts Michael Wolff with The Guardian and Vanity Fair. Meanwhile, the Daily Beast touts a scoop featuring confessions of an ISIS spy, in which the source describes two Frenchmen he trained who may have been implicated. "Inside the beast with @michaeldweiss. Many revealing details. I hope his source is safe," tweets freelance journalist Jill Lawrence. Also, AP's latest reveals France has conducted at least 150 police raids overnight and German authorities are investigating claims of an Algerian man warning fellow migrants of the impending assault on the city. Pair that with the following BuzzFeed report that Turkey says it warned France about one terror suspect not once but twice. "Turkey either warned France twice ahead of the Paris attacks or is engaging in enormous amounts of CYA," Hayes Brown concludes. And while all this is going on, ISIS threatens similar attacks on Washington and similar major hubs for other countries.

But we've hardly scratched the surface on the takes. There's the hard lesson one man learned after mistaking the Eiffel Tower’s darkness for a moving tribute. "The guy's quotes in here about the banality of tragedy-response by those unaffected is worth the click," invites Jonathan Raymond with The National. "When people say social media will help break the 'mainstream media monopoly' or whatever, this is why I fear that," admits Daniel Knowles at The Economist. Then of course there's New York TimesPaul Krugman on the trouble of fearing fear itself. "Next time you historian/politician/pundit compare Paris attack to fall of Rome etc. tell them they are helping ISIS," points out Peter Jukes. And while it's not a take, another offering from the NY Times indicating that the Paris attackers communicated with ISIS using encryption introduces another wrinkle to the story. "This vague, anonymous NYTimes statement just dumped a barrel of napalm on the crypto debate," realizes Wired tech reporter Andy Greenberg.

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