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Our last question asked: A woman just won the right to wear a colander on her head for her driver's license photo based on what argument? She considers herself a Pastafarian -- i.e., she belongs to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster --  so she's technically allowed to wear a pasta strainer on her head due to religious beliefs.

Congratulations to CNN's David Daniel for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions also go out to these terrific people for getting it right: Mark PoepselSara JacobsonMaureen MacGregor (who dubs the woman "a pastaholic"), Charlotte LoBuono (who adds "Whatever, lady"), Carrie Gray (who tacks on the hashtag #LandOfTheFree), Blue Gal/FranJay AndrewDagmar EbaughOonagh B. McQuarrie (who quips "may he touch u w/his noodly appendage"), mgracaKen WalkerBailey McGowan (who admits "Personally, I would be a raviolian"), Eve Byron (who calls it "Too. Much."), Robert FortnerSandi Hwang AdamLizzy ShawMarina Stenos (who observes it could also double as a "Lucy & Ethel homage"), Joshua LapidusRobin SoslowMark Gibbs (who adds "may FSM's noodly goodness be praised, he boiled for your sins"), Margo HowardHollywood Highlands, and Ron Casalotti (who jokes that perhaps it was allowed in "Sievel" court?).

As for today's question, here it is: A Las Vegas man has helped his Irish father's visit go viral because he did what with his vacation footage?
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