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"Mastermind no more," concludes WTOP's Joan Jones, as ABC Philadelphia's Tamala Edwards further tweets"They Got HimChief Suspect in Paris Attacks Died in Raid, France Says." That's a New York Times headline that's garnered 4,300+ shares, by the way. "'Mastermind' Abaaoud dead- Brilliant work by [Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura] all week. (Journalistic. I don't mean she killed Abaaoud)," reacts David Pilling with the Financial Times. We get you, Dave, never fret. "French ID'd attack mastermind by fingerprints ... 5,000 rounds were fired in raid," details WSJ's Patrick McDowell. Meanwhile, France urges allies to fight harder against IS. "After #ParisAttacks EU Police org boss tells lawmakers it is “reasonable to assume..that further attacks are likely,” details Catherine Field at the New Zealand Herald.

Unfortunately for France, U.S. investigators are having a bear of a time tracking homegrown ISIS suspects.  "Thwarting ISIS-inspired attack in U.S. more like trying to stop school shooting than traditional terrorist plot," explains NYT's Michael Tackett. Moreover, America hasn't made much headway cutting off the Islamic State's revenue, either.  "ISIS has diversified revenue (oil, farms, sex slaves) and a budget surplus," elaborates Jim Aley with Bloomberg Businessweek. And yet, is now a good time to remind everyone that while ISIS killed 6,073 people last year, Boko Haram killed even more? "Boko Haram: Still deadlier than ISIS, still nobody gives a shit," quips Maxim's Jared Keller.

That won't stop Donald Trump from fielding the possibility of a database and special ID for Muslims. "What if we made all Muslims wear a patch with a star and crescent?" The Daily Dot's Eric Geller snarks. Trump has special plans for "that communist" Bernie Sanders, too, but you'll be relieved he's definitely #TeamTSwizzle. At Business Insider, Colin Campbell responds, "wow this is huge for Taylor Swift: She just got the Donald Trump endorsement." Maybe he's turned his sights elsewhere because more Mexicans are leaving the U.S. than are entering it? "Memo to anti-immigration xenophobes," chirps Bloomberg View's Kavitha Davidson. "Of course if Trump acknowledges this truth at all, it'll only be to take credit," chimes in Tim Murphy with Mother Jones.

And while the campaign of another presidential candidate Martin O'Malley is perilously close to financial collapse, the Washington Post intrepidly endeavors to identify every known donor has contributed to Bill and Hillary Clinton's campaigns over the course of their four decades as public officials. "Seriously, folks. Read now, bookmark for later, tell friends: Everything you've wondered about Clinton cash, here," entices WaPo's Ed O'Keefe.

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