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Nov 23, 2015

"Faced with #BrusselsLockdown, it's Twitter cats to the rescue," tweets Katie Rogers from the New York Times, sharing the perfectly understandable Belgian response (at 4,000+ shares now) to requests from authorities to watch what they posted during police operations: "The people of Twitter decided to respond internationally recognized symbol of solidarity: cat photos." Put another way, "Pushed into silence by the police in the darkest days of Belgian's terrorism raids, the Internet did its cat thing," elaborates NYT's Patrick LaForge. Most people were a fan. "We can all do with more cat photos, I say," shrugs Ghim-Lay Yeo at Flightglobal. Not everyone, though: "I don't... quite understand Brussels. As much as I like cats, this is an odd response," admits Caroline Chen from Bloomberg News. It's okay if you don't get it, Caroline. Some things just need to be embraced without question.

Here's an actual headline from the Washington PostCops took more stuff from people than burglars did last year. "Police took more property from American citizens (through civil asset forfeiture) than actual thieves did last year," Mic's Joel Pavelski explains. "Asset forfeiture is out of control, part the infinity," responds Keegan Hamilton over at Vice. And in a stroke of the extra timely, Vox just served up the seasonal explainer to end all explainers: how to survive your family's Thanksgiving arguments. At The Verge, T.C. Sottek had a different take, however: "vox could have saved a lot of effort on this just kill your family."

Checking in on the Trump beat, Nate Silver wants the media to stop freaking out about Donald Trump’s polls. "Share of people 'voting' for Trump in polls = share who think Apollo moon landings faked," Silver points out. Meanwhile, Politifact is busy fact-checking Trump's claim that thousands in New Jersey cheered when World Trade Center tumbled while Charles Johnson managed to track down where Donald Trump's "black crimes" graphic came from. "The source for @realDonaldTrump's tweet? An actual neo-Nazi. That's whose dangerous racist lies he wants to amplify," argues Anil Dash. On that note, Steve LeVine would like to extend a Thanksgiving invitation to the Donald to meet his Muslim wife, Jewish kids, and other assorted guests. But first he'll need to apologize to the wifey for threatening to make her carry a religious identity card. "My Kazakh wife is looking where in the US to procure sheep's eyes in case Donald Trump comes for Thanksgiving," LeVine adds.

While we're checking people's erroneous claims, The Independent would like to inform you that no, one in five British Muslims do not support Isis.

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