Black Friday reads

"Celebrate Black Friday with a look at China's hoverboard-industrial complex," BuzzReads suggests, linking to Joseph Bernstein's deep dive into how one country seems to have made millions of hoverboards (almost) overnight (at 500+ shares so far). " In October, I went to China to see the factory where hoverboards come from. I discovered a huge+crazy industry," Bernstein explains. "Fascinating: China's 'memeufacturers' churned out selfie sticks last year & this year — hoverboards," elaborates colleague Mark Schoofs. Or as SF bureau chief Mat Honan puts it, "Here's how China's manufacturing sector gears up to meet the gaping maw of American demand for new gadgets."

Relatedly, here's a headline that we're grateful to say did indeed come from The Onion: "42 Million Dead In Bloodiest Black Friday Weekend On Record."

In far less whimsical stories of supply and demand, a Slovakian shop may be the source of the guns used in the two French terror attacks. "Sounds like Homeland but very real: Decommissioned guns sold in Slovakia, reactivated in Belgium, used by terror cells," details WSJ's Joe Parkinson. "Mail order, Belgium delivery," summarizes David Gauthier-Villars, also at the Journal. In another WSJ offering, Stacy Meichtry and Joshua Robinson report that the Paris attacks were a plot hatched in plain sight. "Paris attackers used real names, real IDs, and unencrypted, simple messaging to make plans," elaborates Mike Rundle. At The GuardianJürgen Todenhöfer declares, "I know Isis fighters. Western bombs falling on Raqqa will fill them with joy." And speaking of The Guardian, their refugee appeal has raised £100k in just three days. Hashtag #WeStandTogether.

As for breaking news you should know, Colorado Springs authorities are responding to reports of an active shooter at Planned Parenthood. "Witness tells @denverpost that police have guns drawn toward Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs," tweets the Post's Dan Petty. Keep clicking for updates. Meanwhile, here's a Chicago Tribune live blog of the Mag Mile marchers protesting protesting Laquan McDonald's shooting by blocking storefronts. "Shoppers want to shop, protesters want justice. Is there a middle ground?" wonders Tribune's Scott Kleinberg. The Tribune also reports that a person has at last been arrested in connection with the killing of 9-year-old Tyshan Lee. "Overheard at gas station by work: Look, they released a photo of the guy who shot the 9-year-old. He'll be dead soon," chillingly shares Joseph S. Pete from The Times of Northwest Indiana.

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