Featured journalist: Abena Agyeman-Fisher

Today's spotlighted journo is Abena Agyeman-Fisher, editor-in-chief of Face2Face Africa. An interviewer of top celebrities and political figures such as First Lady Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett and Civil Rights activist and diplomat Andrew Young, Agyeman-Fisher has worked for Interactive One as the Senior Editor of NewsOne, for AOL as the News Programming Manager of Black Voices (which later became HuffPo Black Voices) and for the New York Times Company as an Associate Health Editor. She has also been published in Al Jazeera, The Daily Beast, The New Jersey Star-LedgerVibe and numerous others. As for what it means to be a journalist, Agyeman-Fisher writes that it's about "making sure that both the good and the bad get told. I love shining a light on people overcoming." Check out her work for yourself in her Muck Rack portfolio here, where she focuses on Africa, the African diaspora, African-American news, and the Caribbean. You might start with such headlines as "The Real Cost Of Cheap Counterfeit Shoes Will Shock You" (for Refinery29, at 200+ shares) or "Is Tanzania having a Hillary Clinton moment?" (CNN, at around 1,500+ shares).

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