Last November round-up

"Just found out that Kobe announced his retirement by poem," tweets Quartz's Mike Murphy, sharing Kobe Bryant's ballad that begins "Dear Basketball" (at a mere 17,000+ shares for now). "My heart can take the pounding / My mind can handle the grind / But my body knows it’s time to say goodbye," Bryant elegantly writes in an ode published on The Players' Tribune. "It's official: Kobe's current season is his last. Can't say I'm surprised, but it's a little sad to see," admits Roger Cheng at CNET. "Kobe's basketball poem comes at a time when his game has become prose," observes The New Yorker's Ben Greenman, later adding, "Dear Kobe, I think that I shall never see A poem as lovely as a three ..." At The GuardianSabrina Siddiqui shares, "@kobebryant is my all-time favorite and basketball won't be the same without him. Thanks for the memories." Chris Parry at registered a slightly different response: "Dear Kobe: You were an unsupportable douchebag. Keep walking." One thing's for sure: Derek Jeter's unusual Tribune seems to be carving a unique place for itself alongside other forms of sports journalism.

NBC News reports that Planned Parenthood victim Ke'Arre Stewart was killed during Friday's attack while trying to save others. "The Iraq War vet murdered by the @PPact shooter ran back into the building trying to save others after being shot," details TNR's Jamil Smith. Cue a reminder from the Washington Post that there have been 334 days and 351 mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year. "The Planned Parenthood shooting was actually the second mass shooting of the day," notes Zachary A. Goldfarb there. So it's unlikely anyone will be surprised by the news that U Chicago's Hyde Park campus canceled its Monday classes and activities after a very specific online threat. "This is my school. So f**ked up," reacts The Verge EIC Nilay Patel. And going back to the subject of abortion, Northern Ireland's law on the issue has been ruled "incompatible with human rights." "Outlawing abortion & forcing 13-year-old incest victims to have babies is indeed incompatible with human rights," is the take from freelance political writer Jill Filipovic.

Pivoting back to concerns over mass shootings, French intelligence believe Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam has escaped to Syria while a cab passenger ranted about ISIS before shooting his Muslim taxi driver in the back. "Only redeeming aspect of this is the driver's grace, with a bullethole in his back: 'My dream is to be an American,'" shares Seth Wickersham from Meanwhile, the Islamic State busies itself wringing every dime possible from those it rules. "Territory and people is where ISIS makes most of its cash, so bombing oil trucks will do little argues this piece," AFP's Jerome Taylor lays it all down. Which leads Thomas Piketty to argue inequality is to blame for fueling the rise of ISIS. "Personally I think ISIS is the result of high marginal tax rates on investment income," quips Dylan Matthews in the direction of WaPo's Jim Tankersley (who did that Piketty write-up). Tankersley shoots back, ""A Universal Basic Income is our best defense against terrorism, before adding more seriously, "I think the very fair question on this thesis is, why does high ME ineq -> more terrorism than, say, Cent American ineq?" Follow-up piece, anyone?

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