Tuesday news day

"Great read: The CEO Paying Everyone $70,000 Salaries Has Something to Hide (also, how to write your own origin myth)," summarizes Marlize van Romburgh of the late-breaking blockbuster of an exposé on Dan Price, the young CEO of Gravity Payments (at 2,000+ shares already, even just newly broken). "A dark turn to the tidy tale of the CEO paying all workers $70,000. @KYWeise reported the heck outta this one," praises Washington Post's Drew Harwell. "Gravity CEO Price is maybe a greedy mofo, giving raises just to prevent his bro from getting $. the media ate it up," Lauren Streib of Huge puts it even more plainly. "Your periodic reminder that people who preen very publicly about their selflessness are likely conning you," MSNBC and NYhttp://muckrack.com/moorehnT's Josh Barro explains."When Gravity's CEO asked 6 times if he would be on @Business cover, he probably didn't think this would be the story," surmises Mashable's Heidi Moore.


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