Heartbreak hits the headlines again

"An argument at a party? How can this be reality?" wonders Boston Globe's Andy Rosen, sharing the Los Angeles Times report identifying the couple who authories believe killed 14 at yesterday's San Bernardino holiday party (at 35,000 shares and counting). The first shooter to be ID'd, 28-year-American citizen Syed R. Farook, was employed by the San Bernardino County Health department as an environmental health specialist, and reportedly was "acting nervous" and "angry" as he left the Christmas party, before returning in the worst possible way. "Did a 'dispute' at a holiday party lead to mass slaughter? Lots of prep there for an impulsive revenge killing(s)," journalist Charles Jaco concludes. "Doesn't sound like the San Bernadino shooting was random. Times: guy kicked out of the office party, came back armed," chimes in Jason McIntyre from Fox Sports. "Too soon to tell, but despite name, sounds like workplace violence to me," decides James V. Grimaldi from the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, Mic's Tom McKay remarks, "if this article is true, highlights terrible danger of impulsive, angry people having access to guns." But Tim Steller with the Arizona Daily Star found it "Confusing. This suspect, Farook, apparently worked where shooting happened. But how were there other shooters then?" The other alleged shooter, by the way, is Farook's wife, 27-year-old Tashfeen Malik. Appearing to live the "American Dream," the couple somehow seemed to keep a tight lid on their dark plans, because neither friends nor family appeared to have an inkling of the shooting plot.

The other common reaction concerned the stellar reporting being done by the LA Times. "The @latimes' 15 reporters' sweeping coverage of this horrific story is chilling, peerless," praises Don Van Natta from ESPN. At the New York Times, Lydia Polgreen considers it "amazing to see how the LA Times, after all it has been through, can bring it on a big story. Respect." Check out their live blog, too.

The New York Daily News, however, went after GOP candidates offering prayers after the massacre with a giant headline that screams in retort "GOD ISN'T FIXING THIS." "This is what a real newspaper does," argues Toronto Sun's Jim Slotek. On the other hand, Noah Rothman at Commentary responds, "Don't see the value in mocking these people right now. It's rather callous in fact." Meanwhile, The Intercept is saying that gun industry executives think mass shootings are good for business. "I expected this headline to be exaggerated. But no. It's not," Slate's Jordan Weissman realizes. The Washington Post also points out that, hours before today’s mass shooting, doctors pressed Congress to lift ban on gun violence research and drearily reminds us that the San Bernardino shooting was the second mass shooting yesterday and the 355th this year for the U.S. ICYMI, here's the other mass shooting that happened yesterday. The NY Times finally decided that WaPo was onto something with this and dutifully published their own story on how mass shootings occur every day, on average. Meanwhile, Nicholas Kristof there laments that when it comes to guns, we’re not even trying.

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