Must-reads this Monday

"Obama's 'so what' attitude to the Islamic State, explained in detail," tweets Washington Post's Liz Sly, sharing The Atlantic's look at whether the president takes the ISIS threat seriously (at 3,700+ shares right now). Ian Fisher with the New York Times calls it a "smart take on obama’s no-panic stance on isis and why it drives critics mad." Colleague Jason Horowitz points out, "Obama thinks ISIS 'probably can’t do anything to America that we Americans aren’t doing to ourselves all the time.'" Or as Murtaza Hussain with The Intercept puts it, "Unlike his political opponents Obama doesn't want to recreate WW2 with the Muslim world." But independent journalist Marcy Wheeler responds, "If the fight against al Qaeda was WWIII for Bush, why did he invade Iraq? Sorry, no."

Equally worth your time is this read on the San Bernardino victim who shielded a female coworker during the shooting, saving her life. Kristen Sze with KGO-TV shares, "denise pereza lives because her co-worker sacrificed himself. @gofundme has $50K." Meanwhile, a new photo shows the "terror couple" entering the U.S. last year. "Welcome to America," summarizes Josh Margolin with ABC News. Relatedly, these leaked documents show how Isis is building its state. "Hey, look, the JayVee actually has a detailed, methodical plan for building a terrorist state," notices Tom Bevan with RealClearPolitics. And in Britain, David Cameron actually referenced the "You ain't no Muslim, bruv" dude to make a point about fighting terrorism. So that happened.

In other trending news, Sinclair just acquired and will relaunch the mobile news site Circa. "The re-launched Circa plans to hire 70 journalists. Brush off your CVs and your risk appetites," BuzzFeed's Stacy-Marie Ishmael advises. In other media concerns, some FOX News commentators used profanity while criticizing President Obama. In response, Andrew Kaczynski (also with the Buzz) shrugs, "I wish more people dropped the word 'pussy' on live TV when discussing politics." Twitter unveiled a new look for your photos. "No more awkward photos with heads cut off and views squeezed in," explains Hannah Kuchler with Financial Times. Athough Peter Bright at Ars Technica reacts, "I can't help but feel that this is being done to spite @TheEconomist's clever picture polls." Now if we could eliminate mentions from taking up character limits? And lest we forget, TIME just released its shortlist for Person of the Year. Freelance journo Bill Hammond morosely predicts, "It's going to be Trump, isn't it? Sigh."

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