Trump taunts for Tuesday

"What if this is the final horcrux?wonders Tim Murphy from Mother Jones, sharing a note from Arianna Huffington that says Donald Trump's campaign has "morphed into something else: an ugly and dangerous force in American politics" (at roughly 35,000 shares right now). And because of that, the Huffington Post announces it will no longer cover Trump under its "entertainment" vertical, although that never seemed like a great choice to begin with. Jim Newell with Salon muses, "well isn't this an oddly self-congratulatory way to eat crow." That decision, of course, was made in response to yesterday's call from Trump to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. "Donald Trump just inspired me - to look up the word demagogue," reacts Gregg Litman at CBS Minnesota. Experts are calling Trump's idea "ridiculous" and "unconstitutional," as one might expect. Washington Post's Rebecca Sinderbrand shares, "One legal expert on Trump's proposed Muslim entry ban: 'Oh for the love of God…'" Even a GOP stateswoman has called the ban "un-American." On the other hand, American Thinker contributor Marjorie Haun had a different response: "I'm with @realDonaldTrump no NEW #Muslim immigrants until #IslamicRadicalism defeated."

So it should also come as no surprise that Trump says he might have supported Japanese internment during World War II. "Is there anyone left for him to insult?" wonders The Hill's Scott Wong. Equally expected: his comments have escalated GOP rhetoric on Muslims. "Trump may have crossed the line with Muslim comments, but some rivals have tiptoed close," observes AP's Julie Pace. It's also worth pointing out that wealthy Muslims helped Trump build his empire and that American Muslims have alerted law enforcement to more terror suspects than have the country's intelligence agencies. "The truth about Muslims in America *is* shocking -- just not in the way @realDonaldTrump intended it," argues CNN's Saeed Ahmed. Once again perfectly skewering the situation, an Onion headline trumpets that the Donald "Gives Muslim On Fence About Radicalizing Just The Push He Needed." We so wish there had been an entire satirical post to go with that. And checking in on the candidates less frequently riding the outrage wave, Jeb Bush is down in the polls but stronger on the stump -- but will it help?

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