Question of the day

Our last question asked: Bloomberg has just identified, measured and categorized what? The Force, of course.

Congratulations to Yael L. Maxwell of TCTMD for being the very first to answer that correctly (and adding "not to be confused with the Schwartz"!). Honorable mentions go out to Charlotte LoBuonoCarrie GrayRobin TierneyKen Walker (who also notes that "the Star Wars movie show a quantifiable Light Side bias"), Craig PittmanCarrie Gray (who quotes "this was a delicate exercise, mainly because The Force is vague & entirely fictitious"), VP_DivyaLucia A. Walinchus (who observes, "Wait someone got paid to watch Star Wars? How do I get this job?"), Mark Gibbs (who snarks "Good to see Bloomberg tackling truly weighty matters for a change"), Ron Casalotti and Hollywood Highlands for also getting that exactly right. Hat tip to Charlotte LoBuono who alerted us to to the fact that Bloomberg also apparently quantified "the risk of getting colorectal cancer from eating bacon."

As for today's question, here it is: Who just responded to his Sports Illustrated "Sportsperson of the Year" snub on SB Nation?

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... We’ll announce the winners in the next Daily!

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