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Dec 16, 2015

"'Hold this ... But don’t touch any buttons, or we’ll die.' @valleyhack takes a ride in a homemade self-driving car," tweets Bloomberg Businessweek'Patrick Clark, linking to tech writer Ashley Vance's deep dive into how George Hotz is taking on Tesla by himself (at 5,600+ shares right now). At the New York Times, fellow tech reporter Mike Isaac reacts, "some journos, like @valleyhack, risk their lives to bring you excellent content." Sam Sheffer with Mashable marvels, "geohot (known for unlocking the OG iPhone and JBing the PS3) made his OWN SELF-DRIVING CAR." "The parts of this article that are amazing are the parts about training a car to drive," shares NYT's Jeremy Bowers. Bloomberg's Joe Weisenthal adds, "I lol'd at how this kid describes his mom's line of work."

In other news you should know, New York state has agreed to overhaul solitary confinement in prisons. But wait, there's more: "NYS Corrections Dept to replace the loaf served in solitary w 'palatable alternative meal composed of regular food,'" adds Erica Orden at the Wall Street Journal. The Guardian also informs us that banned and dangerous weapons have been found for sale on "Mildly concerned to discover that the business desk has a haul of illegal weapons and sits right behind me," muses Alex Hern there. Not forgetting last night's circus, please enjoy a politically incorrect take on the GOP foreign policy debate. "'Trump appeared to struggle' is just code for 'Trump had no idea'," WaPo's Gene Park lets us know. And in today's edition of headlines that could have been in The OnionPakistan is surprised by its inclusion in military alliance. We don't even need to add anything to that, do we?

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