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"All you can do is LOL at this absurdity from the NFL's Legal Industrial Complex," tweets Sean Conboy with the Players' Tribune, sharing the breaking news that the NFL has pulled out of funding Boston University head trauma study, citing concerns about researcher (at about 5,000+ shares right now). "The NFL backed away from funding major study into brain disease … because it doesn’t like the doctor," realizes Dan Diamond from Forbes. "NFL grants NIH $30 mil. to study brain disease, says it's 'no strings attached,' but in fact NFL retained veto power," points out FiveThirtyEight's Andrew Flowers. "Remember this excellent report from @OTLonESPN next time the #NFL claims to care about player safety," advises Will Brown with the St. Augustine Record. Or as Ian Froeb at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch bills it, "Garbage league is garbage, part 1 trillion." More to the point, LAT's Matt Pearce wonders, "Was it even appropriate that the NFL was funding CTE studies in the first place?" Even better, Upworthy's Parker Molloy predicts, "I feel like there'll be a time in the future where we look back on pro football like we do gladiators." One can hope.

In a new look at police shootings from the Washington Post, we learn that, for at least 55 officers involved in fatal shootings this year, it wasn’t their first time. "Important to note: we only know when officers were involved in multiple fatal shootings at the same department," shares WaPo's Steven Rich. In other reveals from the Post, turns out women really do pay more for razors - and almost everything else. "Not only do women make 79 cents per every $1 paid to men, items marketed to girls + women cost an average 7% more," observes NYT's Emily Steel. By now you may have also heard that Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton "disgusting" for using the restroom during a debate, and his choice of words simulataneously launched a rather interesting linguistic investigation. In other breaking news, a Secret Service agent's gun and badge were stolen in D.C.

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