A helping of holiday headers and more

Dec 24, 2015

"Sometimes a simple typo can lead to a #Christmas miracle," tweets CNN's Chris Boyette, sharing what's become our favorite holiday headline so far -- how NORAD's Santa Tracker started 60 years ago (at 1,600+ shares at the moment). As for your holiday weather updates, the East Coast's weather is freakishly warm this Christmas Eve. "The opposite of a white Christmas," Washington Post's J duLac dubs it. "The weirdly tropical and totally wrong weather this Christmas is causing 'sensory jet lag.' Here’s what’s going on," details Slate's Eric Holthaus. So if you live in that part of the U.S., snowstorms probably won't keep you from the fam, especially considering the typical American lives only 18 miles from Mom. "If only @UpshotNYT had data on how many parents guilt-emailed the 18-miles article to their far-off kids," laments NPR's Danielle Kurtzleben. Also, you should read about this rescued migrant who won €400,000 in Spain’s Christmas lottery. "What a lovely story - and fascinating that the Xmas lottery held without fail since 1812, even during civil wars," points out BBC's Julia Macfarlane. And one more item for your list: California's Gov. Jerry Brown just pardoned Robert Downey Jr. for his 1990s drug offenses. "Merry Xmas, @RobertDowneyJr," offers Christopher Arns from the Sacramento Business Journal.

Checking in on the saga of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the publication appears to be in upheaval after its sale to casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. "Editor resigns because he fears new owner will meddle. Story about resignation is meddled with," New Yorker's Nicholas Thompson observes. But still the Review-Journal valiantly stands its ground as even more bizarre details emerge. "Adelson once sued Review Journal columnist into bankruptcy, and then suit was dismissed," shares ProPublica's Eric Umansky. "[Editor-in-chief Michael] Hengel said 1st learned of his acceptance of buyout when someone from the paper read the editorial to him over fone," tweets Al-Monitor's Laura Rozen. "This is surely the media story of the year. A parable on the importance of,and threat to,strong regional journalism," realizes The Guardian's Emily Bell. And might we remind you that certain chapters of this story are also unfolding on the other side of the country the New Britain Herald, where a byline attached to no face is raising questions about this mysterious writer's existence. "OMFG, y'all! This story is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!" reacts BuzzFeed's Chris Geidner, and several others voiced nearly identical reactions. And that's when things really reached a boiling point, when the journalist Steve Collins posted why he quit his job as a reporter todayJ. David McSwane at The Dallas Morning News breaks it down: "Longtime @bristolpress reporter quits over his editor's plagiarized BS story for @reviewjournal owner Adelson."

There's a heap of other news, too, like the fact that the U.S. plans raids to deport families who flocked across the border in the past year. "Sure to create panic in many immigrant communities," notes Kate Linthicum at the LA Times. Or the Wall Street Journal reveal that the country pursued secret contacts with Syria's Assad regime for years, or the New York Times report that the Americans held hostage in Iran only just won compensation, 36 years later. "Silver lining playbook," quips Alister Bull. And lest we forget politicking is still afoot, George F. Will thinks that if Trump wins the nomination, we ought to prepare for the end of the conservative party. "In this @georgefwill column, Trumpism exists entirely in vacuum, as if voters & GOP leaders play zero role," snarks Greg Sargent. Oh, and Gawker's Ashley Feinberg posed a probing question: Has Jeb Bush worn the same sweater four days in a row? Inquiring minds, and whatnot.

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