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Dec 29, 2015

"Affluenza is apprehenda," quips CNNMoney's Aaron Smith, heralding the headlining capture of "Affluenza" teen Ethan Couch, who was detained in Mexico (at 35,000+ shares at the mo). "Why is #EthanCouch getting the Bonnie & Clyde treatment? #Affluenza 'hit a nerve' nationally," explains Naomi Martin with The Dallas Morning News. Couch was given only probation for drunken driving deaths of four but missed his probation check and went on the lam. "Because who knew skipping probation was bad?" snarks Debbi Baker at U-T San Diego. "The #Affluenza defense raises SO MANY QUESTIONS. friend (back seat) also has severe brain trauma. 'Sorry, I'm rich'?" wonders Kirstin Cole from WPIX TV. Others are just sick of us trying to making this nickname happen, like The Hollywood Reporter's Seth Abramovitch, who tweets, "Stop saying affluenza." THR's Michael Krakovskiy replies, "is wealthorrhea ok?" At the Independent MailMike Ellis suggests an alternative: Moneybagitis.

The latest on yesterday's top headline story explores why prosecutors keep talking about Tamir Rice’s size 36 pants and why black children are seen as "older, bigger and guiltier" than they really are. "Study finds black boys under 18 tend to be perceived as 'older and less innocent' than white boys," explains Brian Knox at NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth. "Police overestimated age of black kids suspected of felony by 5 yrs, but underestimated age of white kids by a year," further details Nick Fox with the New York Times. Meanwhile, the Pentagon appears to be thwarting Obama's efforts to close Guantanamo. "Hard to have sympathy for WH when most work on Gitmo transfers/PRBs started at height of hunger strike in 2013," points out VICE's Jason Leopold, who also notes, "If WH fought to allow transfer of Gitmo Uighurs to Virginia in 2009 perhaps this story would be different." Relatedly, while the U.S. focuses on the Islamic State and the Taliban, now Al Qaeda appears to be on the rise. "What's old is new again," reacts Nick Turse at Simultaneously, a recent ISIS ruling just settled who can have sex with female slaves, in a vain attempt to justify the unjustifiable. "It's the 21st century and we have this. IS fatwa lays out who can rape sex slaves and when they can do it," laments AFP's Jerome Taylor.

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