News for a new year

"Should auld acquaintance be insult," quips Washington Post's J. Dulac, while tweeting one of today's greatest end-of-year-roundups: All the people Donald Trump insulted in 2015 (currently at 3,700+ shares). Washington Post's Katie Zezima calls it a "Very comprehensive yet incomplete list" and Nieman Lab's Joshua Benton notes it's "Worth watching just to check if Donald Trump insulted you in 2015." Also at WaPoGene Park warns "it's a long video but you knew that."

In other new year's news, a Rochester man accused of being an ISIS sympathizer who planned to kill citizens this New Year's Eve. "Man w/ history of mental illness helped by undercover agent in plotting attack. These things ain't black & white," assures Justin Murphy with the Democrat and Chronicle. Also, American president Barack Obama is gearing up to unveil a new executive action on guns next week, ahead of his final State of the Union. "Oh man, so monday is going to be fun," predicts Greg Otto at And as for some of the best listicles, we point you toward Joshua Brown's handy enumeration of things he learned this yearEater's takedown of NYC dining and FiveThirtyEight's 47 weirdest charts from 2015. "Waiting for the 2028 Taylor Swift v Ivanka Trump Presidential race," admits Yahoo's Jeff Macke.

Yesterday's other late breaking big news: "For the first time, Bill Cosby criminally charged," announces reporter Sherisse Pham, as news broke that Cosby was arraigned late yesterday afternoon on sexual assault charges (at 10,000+ shares and showing no sign of stopping). Related to a 2004 accusation, Cosby "didn't enter plea at his arraignment. Also surrendered his passport," shares Tolu Adeleru Balogun with Nigeria Info 99.3. "Bill Cosby has been charged with sexual assault in Pennsylvania. The charge is a first degree felony," details Greg Miller. "Cosby bail $1M," points out freelance journalist Josh Levs. "'Bout time," reacts Psychology Today's Cathy Scott. And this morning the New York Daily News released a fiery editorial declaring that justice has come for Cosby. "Love the pay off line of this article!" praises Ed Frazer from Channel 4 News. It really is a doozy, so you'll want to click that.

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