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Our last question asked: What just happened to the periodic table that's causing a stir? Four new elements have been added, completing its seventh row at last.

Congratulations to Anna Holland for being the very first to answer that correctly! Honorable mentions go out to Maureen MacGregor (who adds "but each has achieved half life of nanosecs in labs"), Sabrina BuckwalterKen Walker (who adds that they're called "ununtrium, ununpentium, ununseptium and ununoctium), Craig Pittman (who perfectly follows up colleague Ken's remark with "still no love for Unobtainium, though"), Yael L. Maxwell (who seems to have preferred that they "auction off naming rights"), Jax JacobsenCarrie GrayMark Gibbs (who jokes that because the elements are "short-lived and very dense" that he would have named them "Jindalium, Patakium, Grahamium, and Perryium"), Elisabetta TosiChris LombardiJeffrey DvorkinChristy Delafield (who considers the names that they were actually given "really boring working names"), Toni AntonettiMarty RayFabiola Camacho (who calls the elements "#squadgoals"), Dan Smith (who notes sadly that none of these "heavyweight elements" were named "Tyson"), Martin Berliner (who also offers a political quip that one should have been named "'Trumpite,' for which no use has yet been discovered), Nina RachHal Davis, and Ron Casalotti for all getting that exactly right, as well!

As for today's question, in honor of the holiday, here it is: The Wall Street Journal has just discovered the joys of watching what?

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