Wednesday 'round the world

"6Jan.: Is it me, or did this world just get a little bit more dangerous?wonders Alex Philippidis from Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, reacting to the headline that North Korea claims to have detonated its first hydrogen bomb (at 10,600+ shares right now) after a tremor raised suspicions of a new nuclear test. "Re-watched The Interview w/@thesethrogin @JamesFrancoTV & wonder if #China remakes a reality version," muses The Atlantic's Steve Clemons. "In wake of Iran deal, N Korea h-bomb test, if true, escalates another major nuke challenge 4 Obama," notes Julie Davis at Bloomberg News. "That 1994 nuclear accord now officially farce," concludes The Street's Bret Jensen. "#NKorea already 'sanctioned to death'. What can be done about supposed h-bomb blast?" asks AFP's Marc Burleigh. Freelance journalist Amie Ferris-Rotman ferrets out the "#GoldenQuote," which calls North Korea's giving up nukes "foolish as a hunter laying down his rifle while a ferocious wolf charges." But here's some silver lining: "The good news is that Trump will cut off their heads and take their oil," snarks NYT's Ross Douthat. And of course, there's also the fact that North Korea's hydrogen bomb claim is being disputed by weapons experts. "'It’s more like an ordinary atomic bomb test, not a hydrogen bomb' -- which is somehow a relief," incredulously tweets Bloomberg's Alex Bruns.

But let's go back to that Trump reference, because the Donald is suggesting Ted Cruz’s Canadian birth could be "very precarious" for the GOP. "Canada has waited a long time to place a deep cover agent in the White House ... Check Cruz for a Tim Hortons card," quips freelancer Gregg Easterbrook. But who cares, anyway, because Iowans increasingly say their caucuses are Ted Cruz’s to lose. "Cruz may fit the Iowa demo/moment, but some wondering: why didn't Rubio make hard push the moment Walker dropped?" points out NYT's Jonathan Martin.

In today's non-political investigations, learn how the daily fantasy sports industry turns fans into suckers as well as what hidden drugs are in your favorite supplements. "Wow: 7 weight loss supplements in this list contain the active ingredient in Prozac (which req. prescription)," reacts Business Insider's Lydia Ramsey. And it's also worth reminding everyone that Twitter's 140-character limit is about to change. Like, to a 10,000-character limit. "#Twitter10k is a bad idea. If you can't say something here in 140 characters, then say it somewhere else," huffs E&E Publishing's Corbin Hiar, and he's not alone in his reaction.

Oh, and for some reason, all of Britain has been utterly captivated by live footage of people trying to cross a big puddle. "I can't lie, I'm one of the 19,392 watching people try to cross a #puddle in England. No explanation, I can't," admits Jessica Gonzalez with WPVI ABC Philadelphia.

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