A communications checklist for 2016

A communications checklist for 2016

The new year is often associated with new beginnings, predictions, and resolutions.

As most PR teams are in planning stages, it’s a good time to combine all three and develop a communications program that is more efficient, effective, and exciting (!) than last year’s.

Here is a communications checklist for your 2016 plan.

  • Goal-oriented. First and foremost, think about the impact PR can make on your stakeholders that is consistent with business goals. Make sure not to fall into the trap of including initiatives that are outside of the scope of communications--you want to set yourself and your company up for success.

  • Killer content. We all know that every company is now a content-generating media company. To break through the noise, a company needs to release killer content. For PR pros, this means perfecting our writing skills and developing work that is both impressive and meaningful.

  • Big thinking. Creativity in communications has become a must--we have been adaptive to advances in the industries we represent and have become smarter and more innovative. In 2016, our thinking will have to be bigger and even more creative to outdo our accomplishments in the past.  

  • Targeted media outreach. Based on some of the questions journalists asked last month, it’s clear that some media relations still lacks strategic direction and brevity. The planning period is a perfect time to rethink our media outreach and include a solid strategy with targeted outreach and more effective pitches.  

  • Courage. One of the best parts of working at a PR firm is the overarching industry view you have from working with multiple clients. Especially in financial services, there is a small feeling of fear of doing anything game-changing in the industry--mostly due to regulation, legal guidelines, and the remnant feelings from the financial crisis. But just like communications has evolved, industries will become braver, and so our communications efforts must include courage.

  • Selectiveness. If you are caught up with your industry reading, you have seen a lot of forward-looking views on where PR is going. Here is mine: one-size-fits-all communication is a thing of the past (of 2015, if you must). The number of sources of information has become huge--so our communications efforts have to become more targeted, increasingly personal, and more relevant.

What would you add to the checklist? Let us know in the comments below!

Julia Sahin works in corporate communications for financial services at one of the largest PR firms in New York and is a monthly contributor to Muck Rack. She was the first to publish academic research about regulation, reputation, and banks. She plans on doing big things.Connect with her on Twitter. All opinions should be seen as her own and do not reflect her employer’s.

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