Final ledes for Friday

Maine's governor is garnering a lot more attention than usual thanks to making "racially charged comments" at a meeting full of reporters and recorders, in which Gov. Paul LePage blamed the state's heroin problem on some nefarious characters named "D-Money, Smoothie and Shifty." No word yet on where he came up with these monnikers. "This is a real quote by a real Governor of a real state in 2016. A Governor!" marvels one Twitter user. "How appropriate that Maine is being governed by a character from a Stephen King novel," muses NPR's Peter Sagal. "I hope story will be updated w/ comment from D-Money, Smoothie & Shifty," BuzzFeed's Adrian Carrasquillo wistfully tweets.

Also in politics: "Powerful piece by Obama on gun control. And the need for audacious thinking," ABC's Hamish MacDonald tweets of Barack Obama's New York Times op-ed that calls guns our shared responsibility (at a mere 58,000+ shares right now--NBD, right). "Wow: When is the last time a sitting American president penned an OpEd in the New York Times?" wonders NYT's Rukmini Callimachi. In it, Obama announces that he will not support any candidate who doesn't support common-sense gun control. "This could be the end for the Webb campaign," realizes Wall Street Journal's James Taranto. "Love the tag line: Barack Obama is president of the United States," notes Michael Luo, also at the NY TimesNieman Lab's Joshua Benton quips, "oh, I knew I knew that name from somewhere."

In response, Americans remain largely supportive but skeptical on Obama's gun action. "CNN poll: 67% support Obama’s executive actions on guns. Breakdown: Dems 85% Ind 65% GOP 51% Gun owners 57%," Bloomberg's Sahil Kapur breaks it down.

Looking in on some of yesterday's biggest late-breaking news, shock and laughter greeted the plan for the Saudi Arabian sale of the century. "When banker heard about Saudi plan to list Aramco, he had to pull over his car because he was laughing so hard," shares Business Insider's Matt Turner. Being hailed as "too big to value," here's Bloomberg News on why Saudi Aramco is in a league of its own. "I LOLd when I read the potential market value if Saudi Aramco goes public," admits Tom Randall there. "Depends if it's valued like Exxon or Rosneft," adds colleague Joe Weisenthal. Also on the economics beat, the end of a monetary illusion is magnifying shocks for the markets. "Central bankers have lost their ability to act as circuit breakers for financial markets," Bloomberg's Lisa Abramowicz elaborates. And don't forget it's time once again for the jobs report, so here's WSJ again with everything you need to know.

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