Media and tech mash-up

In extremely cool slash edgy news, ProPublica just became the first major news source to launch a news site just for the Dark Web. "If anecdotal experience bears out, I predict 1/2 @ProPublica's Tor service users will be paranoid young lawyers," suggests Clare Malone. Simultaneously, HuffPost Video announces a big pivot while The New Yorker unveils next week's cheekily brazen new cover image to accompany Kim Jong-un’s big announcement. "Next week's @NewYorker cover by Anita Kunz is called 'New Toys' (also today's his birthday)," points out Silvia Killingsworth there. Also, Columbia Journalism Review takes a look at the media’s complicated role in that "all the rage" documentary series, Making a Murderer. "The press is an important supporting character in #MakingAMurderer, but reporters didn't get the best shake," the piece's author Jack Murtha explains. "The idea that local broadcast journalists were at all skeptical during Avery trial is laughable," chimes in Joel Christopher from Gannett Wisconsin Media. Relatedly, we'd like to call your attention to the series' reporters whom everyone's crushing on.

And lest you think we'd forgotten the "tech" part of this subhed, you should be aware that U.S. marshals raided a hoverboard booth at CES. "'It quickly became clear this wasn't the usual CES publicity stunt.' Hoverboard maker calls in FBI on rival," further details The Guardian's Subhajit Banerjee.

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