Takes upon takes

Let's talk more on how Rolling Stone handled the weekend's "get" on El Chapo, which was one with real ethical ramifications. "So @RollingStone has let people 'approve their quotes in interviews.' What's that all about?" wonders Eric Wishart, formerly of the AFP. Another takeaway: "the dean of columbia journalism school calls sean penn a journalist," notices NBC's Josh Sternberg. And in takes upon takes, WaPo attempts to explain why many consider Sean Penn’s Chapo meeting an "epic insult" to Mexican journalists. "Suspect we know the answer to this one. 'Is he serving the public or is he aggrandizing himself?'" muses Bloomberg's Sebastian Tong.

Here's a twist -- The New Yorker's Andy Borowitz parodied the whole thing by penning "ISIS Chief Abruptly Cancels Meeting with Sean Penn" ("This is what your day needs," promises freelancer Elizabeth Dickinson), but then Deadline mistook that for a real story and all hell broke loose. "RETRACTED! 'Misinterpreted' is now code for 'got fooled by'," observes Jeff Sneider at TheWrap. Meanwhile, The Daily Maverick is just one of the latest to close down comments thanks to trolls, while the NY Daily News has cut 20 of its staffers: "My co-workers and I were herded into a conference room and told that today was our last day and told to leave." Heart-wrenching.

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