Turn and face the strange

"And the stars look very different today. There won't ever be another one like the magical David Bowie," tweets NYT Now's Katie Rogers, mourning the passing of the the legendary musician at just 69 after an 18-month battle with cancer. The breaking news was confirmed in a Facebook post late last night. "Let it not be true," laments Richard Rushfield with HitFix, one of many such reactions. "The Thin White Duke is not returning," realizes NYT's Bina Shah. "What a journey, Ziggy Stardust: epic and joyful. Thanks for sharing it with us," chimes in colleague Frank Bruni. In response, the Wall Street Journal swiftly immortalized Bowie's life in photos while British illustrator Helen Green created a gif of how time has changed Bowie throughout the ages, which fans enthusiastically re-shared all over the Internet. For The Guardian, Tim Jonze wonders, "Was David Bowie saying goodbye on Blackstar?" "I bought Blackstar in Rough Trade East on Saturday, and spent the weekend pouring over the lyrics," admits colleague Caspar Smith.

Elsewhere at the Guardian, Suzanne Moore poignantly reflects on "my David Bowie, alive forever" while NBC News calls him a rock visionary. To help the uninitiated as well as comfort longtime fans, BuzzFeed put together 17 wonderful Bowie performances you need to watch right now. Fittingly enough, an astronaut also paid tribute to "Starman" Bowie from space. "Here is he, sitting in a tin can, far above the world — and saying farewell to David #Bowie. An astronaut’s goodbye," Ted Anthony with the Associated Press perfectly describes it. Even Kanye hailed Bowie as important inspiration. "It says something when people mourning you include Germany's foreign ministry, an astronaut, the Vatican and Madonna," notes AP's Cara Rubinsky. And still the remembrances keep pouring in: "We've started a live blog to collect all the great things the Internet sends our way in memory of David Bowie," announces Hannah Olivennes.

Over the weekend, actor Sean Penn's "get" of an interview with El Chapo made waves. "This story reads like someone making fun of Sean Penn, which I guess is just how Sean Penn writes," shrugs Dan Hinkel with the Chicago Tribune. "More virtuoso bloviation from our senior south-of-the-border correspondent," snarks Reason's Kurt Loder. "Actual question in @RollingStone's hard-hitting 'interview' btwn Sean Penn and El Chapo," points out Ana Ley at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia could list crude reserves in the much anticipated Aramco IPO, according to a Wall Street Journal exclusive. "More from our interview with Saudi Aramco chairman: Company may go further in expansion of its refining capacity," explains WSJ's Ahmed Al Omran. And in the hills near the Lebanese border, starving Syrians are being denied aid amid political jockeying. "The Syrian civil war is in its 5th year. Thousands are being starved as a tactic of war," details NYT's Michael Slackman. There are too many harrowing details in that piece to pick just one, so we advise that you click and read them all for yourselves.

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