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Jan 12, 2016

"Always great to see Super PAC money just tossed into a dumpster fire," tweets Bloomberg's Mark Gongloff of the bizarre political attack ad on Marco Rubio entitled simply "Boots" (at roughly 7,000+ shares at the mo)."The Rubio boots story is a distillation of everything people hate about politics. Anyway, here's Jeb's super PAC," MSNBC's Benjy Sarlin prefaces the video. "$100 million and you end up with this? What's the budget version?" asks Daily Beast's David Freedlander. Which prompts Michael Gold with the New York Times to ask, "doesn't this just prove how Jeb! and his people think it's 2004 or 2008?" And then NBC's Jake Heller calls our attention to something even more ridiculous: "Here's the thing. People are making crazy amounts of money to make ads like this." Also, "The dancer @r2rusa hired to perform in boots for this is too tall to be Marco," protests Tierney Sneed with Talking Points Memo. Well spotted there.

Tonight is President Barack Obama's final State of the Union, so you better believe we have our hands full today with plenty more political news (also, dust off those SOTU drinking game Bingo cards). For one thing, Florida's death penalty system was just ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. "Because nothing else is going on today," Amy Hollyfield with the Tampa Bay Times tweets in wha we must presume is a facetious tone. A new book says that the father of the Koch bros helped build an oil refinery for Hitler. "Let those without fathers who built oil refineries for the Nazis cast the first stone," invites The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg. And David Brooks bewails the brutalism of Ted Cruz. "David Brooks calls Cruz a Pharisee and inauthentic. Ouchy ouch ouch," summarizes Liz Essley Whyte at the Center For Public Integrity.

Looking to global headlines, an explosion in one of Istanbul's tourist districts kills at least 10. Meet the Press's Luke Russert wonders if the "impact of terrorism forces Turkey to get tougher?" And in surprise engagements, Mick Jagger's long ago ex-wife Jerry Hall announced she is affianced to 84-year-old media mogul Rupert Murdoch. "It's terrifying to think that Rupert Murdoch is now just two beds removed from the late #DavidBowie (RM-JH-MJ-DB)," realizes WSJ's Jeff YangThe New Yorker's Patrick Radden Keefe shreds the tragic farce of El Chapo, which could alternatively be titled "That time I passed up the chance to ghost write El Chapo's memoirs." Continuing to prove he is a national treasure, in his latest post Ta-Nehisi Coates targets Bill Cosby and his enablers. "Rape is systemic, writes @tanehisicoates. It requires not just rapists like Bill Cosby, but also his enablers," further explains TNR's Jamil Smith.

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