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Jan 12, 2016

Our last question asked: In a Vine'd clip from last night's Golden Globes, what interaction was observed between actor Leonardo DiCaprio and singer/actress Lady Gaga? Give us your best caption! Leo appears to give Gaga the side-eye after she brushed against his chair on her way to receive her award. DiCaprio says he was just startled.

Congratulations to Jason Shevrin with George Washington University Media Relations for being the very first to correctly answer that purely via emoji. Honorable mentions go out to these fine people for also getting it exactly right: Sabrina Buckwalter (who described Gaga as moving DiCaprio's arm out of the way "NY commuter style--get out of my way!"), Lucia A. Walinchus (who quips that DiCaprio can't "keep a p-p-poker face"), John Wall (who snarkily observes that Gaga was "in hurry to accept only acting prize she's destined for"), Margo Howard (who jokes "Previously a couple had been thrown out of McDonald's for doing that!"), Ken Walker (who more dryly describes it "She might have touched him as she walked by. He made a face. Drama ensued"), Ron Casalotti (who offers the caption "Hmm, I could go Ga-Ga over that!"), jeffool (who captions it "Young People's Madonna nudged Young People's Jack Nicholson and Twitter went crazy"), and Mark Gibbs (who suggests "DiCaprio was flinching from what he probably thought might be a another meat dress").

As for today's question, here it is: Mark Zuckerberg's latest post of his infant daughter is stirring things up because of what reason?

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