SOTU wrap-up and beyond

"Obama sooooo close to going full Coach Taylor at the finish," remarks Yahoo's Chris Wilson, referring to some of President Obama's powerful closing words in his last State of the Union: "That’s the America I know. That’s the country we love. Clear-eyed. Big-hearted" (interestingly, it's a Medium post at 24,000+ shares right now). It all tied in with the ongoing theme from last night's speech: "SOTU word cloud: 'Americans' 'America,' 'America' 'change'," summarizes The New Yorker's Margaret Ely. "Belated rhetorical note: 'Middle class' doesn't show up in the SOTU once. It's all 'working families'," points out Washington Post's Lydia Depillis. There was plenty of room for jabs, too: "Obama jokes that he's going to make final #SOTU short, because 'I know some of you are antsy to get back to Iowa'," notes Fast Company's Marcus Baram. "Seriously, SOTU's conclusion on giving a shit about the voting process is giving me shivers. Get shiver-y," reacts Sam Machkovech from Ars Technica. Here was another line that had everyone quoting it on Twitter: "people of the world do not look to Beijing or Moscow to lead — they call us." As one might expect, not everyone was bowled over: "The most arrogant part of Obama's #SOTU speech brags about how much we spend on military," observes freelance journalist Rania Khalek.

Also required reading for today: Yahoo's deep dive into That Moment When You Realize You’ve Become a State of the Union Meme, as well as The Onion's investigation into Paul Ryan Quietly Doing Seated Ab Exercises throughout SOTU. "This is why The Onion was invented," posits Lanae Erickson. And then of course there's TIME kindly pointing out how President Obama has aged since his first address. Sam Jacobs there has an alternative suggestion for his publication's next interactive: "See how much you've aged during Barack Obama's 7 years in office." Also, those 10 U.S. sailors detained by Iran whom Obama didn't mention during the address might soon be released after all.

Relatedly, Joe Biden also has posted to Medium -- his plans for his moonshot to cure cancer. "Biden on tackling cancer - a goal they equate to putting a man on the moon," explains Al Jazeera's Erin Cauchi. "VP Biden's plans for a 'moonshot,' a renewed war on cancer spurred by the death of his son," further details Thomas Burton with the Wall Street Journal. "Proud to work for this President. Ready to take on this challenge. And, yes – fired up; ready to go," Biden tweets. Oh, and by the way -- nobody knew who invited Kim Davis to SOTU because even the congressman himself didn't know. "I think I'm actually the one who informed Jim Jordan that he invited Kim Davis to the State of the Union. Sort of," points out that story's author, Huffington Post's Matt Fuller. In other politics, a constitutional law professor makes the case that Ted Cruz is not eligible to be president. "My takeaway from this is that Cruz's eligibility may hinge on the simple question of when life begins," muses Texas Monthly's Erica Grieder. Still, the Cruz holds his 3-point lead, even as Donald Trump attacks, while Hillary's lead over Bernie Sanders looks to be slipping in a new Poll.

In non-politics, the NFL has already updated its old Los Angeles Rams placeholder page to include the actual Rams’ roster, which appears to make it official that they're headed back there.

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